• Finnish handicraft
  • Home textiles, clothes and accessories made from handprinted linen
  • Manually textured glassware

PiipaLinen is a finnish company to which domesticity and ecology are at heart. All linen products are made from Ökotex-certified flax, and they are designed, printed and sewed in Finland. The original, simple and timeless fabrics of PiipaLinen are made with great enthusiasm, with open mind and by listening the heart. Eagerness and intrangience drive me forwards and give me the courage to try new things, so the patterns of the decoration fabrics can be also seen  in glass. PiipaLinen fabrics are handprinted and the glassware is textured by sandblasting. PiipaLinen is Finnish handicraft with a big heart.

Linen is a ecological and durable material. It absobrs moisture well, is resistant to dirt and is easily cleaned by washing. It feels cool in the heat and warm in the cold, and it’s a good choice to an allergic person. Linen is also a beautiful, classical and practical material. It brings relaxation and down-to-earthness in the decor, and with different patterns the linen gets a new life. Linen is wonderful!

Online shop

You can buy Finnish handicraft from the PiipaLinen online store. From here You’ll find handprinted home textiles, bags, purses, etc., and manually textured glassware either to home, for yourself or as a gift to give. To woman, man, girl, boy, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, godfather, godmother or to a namesake of a godfather or -mother. As You like. PiipaLinen warmly welcomes You. Thank You for visiting!

I recommend!

“Beautiful, handprinted products that makes the customer happy whenever you lay your eyes on them. Sustainable, washable and ecological. The designs are interesting and they have a story behind them.”



“Ecological, durable, beautiful, individualistic and timeless products”



“Even the thought about finally getting a natural product for everyday use makes me smile.”

-world is saved by small steps-


Casual fitting shirt for everyday use and for a bit more formal occasions. Breathing linen with a stylish print.


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